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oakland police piecing together the stabbing death of an oakland woman. clouds are increasing but will that mean any rain? we'll talk about that and colder temps. also it's been a bad holiday season for bay area crab lovers but now there is
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news that could make seafood lovers smile. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. good morning, everybody it's friday december 28th i'm brian flores. >> and i'm claudine wong. both dave and pam have the day off. let's get a quick look at your weather and traffic. steve people are saying i'll take a little weather a little cold right now. clear it up for me new years eve. >> for you claudine. of course. [ laughter ] we do have a lot of cloud cover coming in. i think we'll get a little rain out of this. in a dry year i would say probably not. but this has been a wet year you can see it's getting very, very close. upper 40s and low 50s. here is tara. this is a live look at the east shore freeway. you can see traffic moving along nicely in both directions. at the subpoena senator mccain bridge -- and at the san mateo
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bridge same story. let's head back to the desk. we begin this morning with developing news that we've been following since 4:30. oakland police are investigating three homicides that happened within 90 minutes of each other. alex savidge is live in oakland a man has been taken into custody in connection with this stab examining he did have cuts to his hands. you can see behind me investigators are still on scene at this apartment building on the 5800 block of walnut. officers early this morning found a woman stabbed to death inside a unit up on the second floor. neighbors called 911 about 2:30 this morning. they came and found this woman with multiple stab wounds and she eventually died at the scene. a sergeant on scene told me the police have taken a man into custody and he will be
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questioned by investigators. in addition police at this point are also trying to track down a second man who apparently was inside that apartment at the time to see if he may have been involved in the homicide as well. police at this point aren't speculating on a possible motive for this stabbing. meantime on the other side of the city this morning oakland police also investigating a shooting that left two people dead this morning. the gunfire broke out on the 800 block of mead. that is right near san pablo. shell casings can be seen there on the street. police are not releasing very much information in the victims in that case. no information at all on who those people are. whether they were men or women or what may have led up to the shooting there. before the latest killings this morning oakland homicide count stood at 127. already a five-year high. now as we come back out here live, you can see squad cars still parked in front of this apartment building. we are told this will remain an active crime scene. they still have to wait for the
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coroner to arye. a woman found stabbed to death this morning in oakland. live in oakland this morning alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. a woman is dead after being hit by a vehicle fleeing from the chp in oakland. this incident all began with what appeared to be a routine traffic stop. christien kafton is at golf link road. christien. >> reporter: let's walk you through what happened here in the last 30 minutes as part of that investigation in the last 30 minutes we were asked to dim our lights so investigators could come over this hill to try to video tape and recreate the last moments that that driver of that silver bmw may have seen before this deadly crash. oakland police and highway patrol out here investigating. that silver bmw still in the middle of the road. back in the distance you might be able to see the black lincoln. that was a vehicle that the bmw
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smashed into. reportedly trying to run away from the police officers. that was after a routine pull over. >> the driver of that vehicle initially yielded to the officers and then as the officers exited their vehicle if approach the vehicle, that driver did a u-turn and sped away from the officers. >> reporter: now that original incident happened at 90th and bancroft. the officers got back in their patrol car and began following that bmw. the officers lost site of the bmw and came over the hill here to 98th and golf links road. the bmw is a high performance vehicle. capable of very rapid acceleration. no word on exactly how fast it was going at the time of the crash. investigators say the bmw t- boned the lincoln and killed one person inside. the driver and the passenger hopped out and began running away. they caught up to the driver and able to make a good id on
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him because they got a good look at him when they firsted pulled over that bmw. initially that was at 90th and bancroft. no sign of the passenger and no idea why they ran. the driver is in jail facing vehicle manslaughter charges. we asked the chp coming back to our live shot if the silver bmw had been reported stolen. thinking that could have been a why. they say no. that bmw had not been reported stolen. they are still trying to determine exactly why the driver allegedly took off and caused this terrible deadly accident here. we are live here in oakland christien kafton. president obama has called congressional leaders from the white house today in a last ditch effort to avoid the fiscal cliff. coming up the sign the lack of deal is already hurting the
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u.s. economy. the contra costa -- they are in the fire chief and board members. we've posted the list of times on the hot topics page of people in the midwest open -- snow if flow -- and it could be that way for a few days. the deaths of more than a dozen people in several states are if if the -- he was taken
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a few hours later bart trains were held at the concord station because of a report with a man with a gun. the police activity did cause delays on the pittsburgh bay point line. those reports were not related to the earlier shooting and nothing was found. the brawl that caused wide spread panic inside a mall caused -- no shots were actually fired but there was a brawl. police arrested three people. all the commotion led to a lock down and likely kept thousands of post christmas shoppers out of the mall. there is no estimate on how much money businesses lost. experts tell the sacramento bee it's likely a significant count. the shortage is due top bad
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weather. a local crabber strike and under way crabs around the state. prices for live crab in san francisco could drop to $3.50 a pound by early next week. >> don't get crabby about the traffic. i can't believe i just said that. >> nice segue claudine. we will head outside and take a look at what is going on with the roadway. right now it doesn't seem to be much. we have a couple stalled cars here and there. this is the san mateo bridge. you can see traffic on the right hand side there. finally 237 milpitas the brake lights are westbound traffic. here is steve. thank you. a very good morning. our system is coming in. cloud cover has a lot of cold air with them. i think it's more of a colder system than rainy-- rainy
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system. cloudy to mostly cloudy. some of the temperatures already are in the 30s. they will be hard pressed to warm up. some rain develops. again those favoring closer to the coast and north bay snow level around 2500-3,000 feet. 35 livermore. san jose 37. tahoe was two below last hour. now they are one. >> by this afternoon and evening spins in very light rain. again the farther west better opportunity. farther east no. this will not be a big snow producer either. if you are heading to the
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mountains there could be very light snow up there. not a lot. maybe light snow saturday into sunday. monday looks all right. mostly cloudy to cloudy today. rain to the north or along the coast very, very cool highs. all that cloud cover coming in that equals a very chilly day today. extended outlook has it quiet. brief system monday. okay on tuesday. gunfire erupts inside of a police station. how a suspect got a gun and how the officers are doing this morning. and a story you will only see on 2. the new technology being used in marin county to help divers find a missing man. plus a record number of young californians registered to vote this year. why that is not necessarily a boost for either democrats or republicans.
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three police officers have been injured in a shooting in new jersey. one is being treated in a hospital. it happened outside the gloucester township. this morning around 5:30. authorities say a suspect is under arrest for domestic violence in a related incident and when they were taking him in a struggle broke out at the police station when she was being processed. >> the suspect obtained a
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firearm and fired on three of our officers. right now we have one officer that was shot just below his bullet proof vest. he is in surgery. >> at last word that officer was in stable condition. police did return fire and the gunman was killed. >> scientists will be analyzing the dna of the 20-year-old gunman behind the school shootings. two weeks ago police say adam lanza killed his mother an 20 children and six adults before killing himself. the genetic specialist will be looking for a -- some worry that people who carry the same will be stick mytized. results not expected for a few more weeks. one woman decided to take advantage of the sensitive situation. coming up at 6:23 the money scam she allegedly set up and how she claimed to be related to the tragedy.
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11th hour meeting has been called in washington, d.c.. as ktvu kay lam campbell reporting from our washington, d.c. newsroom americans are not optimistic. >> reporter: december is usually a time when most of us feel pretty good about the economy thanks to the holiday shopping season. but that was not the case this month. consumer confidence took a nose dive and economists blame the fear of falling over the fiscal cliff. the consumer confidence index hit a four year high in october but saw the largest drop since last summer when the country's credit rating was lowered. it's a sign of what is to come if no fiscal cliff deal is reached and automatic income tax increases and government spending cuts go into effect in four days. meanwhile the president called a top four congressional leaders to meet with them at the white house later today with the hopes they can avoid this potential crisis. and in a somewhat surprising move top republican signaled he might be willing to compromise more on that when i see you
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next. only on 2 in the north bay search teams are using a new technology to try to find a man who jumped the court me terra creek during a police chase. anthony donaldson was swept away on monday. he jumped into the creek to avoid a drunk driving test. >> really what it is it's the difference between the televisions we had years ago and newer digital tvs we have nowadays. a much sharper, clearer picture. imagery is much more defined than it was before. >> marin county is borrowing the video ray from contra costa county. they bought it from antiterrorism funds. police in vacaville are asking for the public's help in finding a 56-year-old woman who has been missing for eight days. kathleen was last seen at 10:30
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p.m.. she did not take her purse, cell phone or id with her. her dodge neon is also missing. secretary of state hillary clinton is set to go back to work on wednesday. she -- doctors say clinton contracted a stomach virus earlier this month got dehydrated fainted and fell and hit her head. she was diagnosissed with a concussion on december 13th and hasn't been seen in public since. another deadly understand -- to prevent another deadly incident like in benghazi they are closing their embassy there. u.s. state department ordered the ambassador and his staff to evacuate immediately.
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californians are registered to vote in record numbers this year. with the edition of online registration this year, registration among 1-24-year- olds in-- 18-24-year-olds increased. the younger voters are more likely to state no party preference when they register. city of san francisco has a plan to increase pedestrian safety. starting early next year there will be more motorcycle officers. police say their goal is to protect pedestrians by cracking down on drivers that speed and run red lights. extra patrols are being paid for by $140,000 federal grant. your time is 6:18. tara watching the roads for us. there is a little fog out there? >> yeah. be aware of it if you are driving go a little bit more slowly. right now we are head outside and take a live look at at the golden gate bridge if we could. we don't have the golden gate
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bridge. let's try the mccarthur maze. you can see traffic on the right hand side of your screen there. we have a little bit of a backup. it's starting to get better. and last but not least highway 237 has you make your drive toward sunnyvale. let's check in with steve. tara, thank you very much. cloudy skies out there. a little bit of fog north and east. it looks like the pattern is changing a little bit. series of weak systems will be coming in over the next 5-7 maybe even ten days. nothing strong. you can see there is a little bit of that rain trying to develop. most of that is off shear and that is the forecast. most of the rain will be near the coast. this is not a very strong system. it does have a lot of cold air with it. mostly cloudy and patchy fog. chilly to cold. some of that cold air arrives tonight into tomorrow. clouds increase. rain develops. nothing too heavy. more towards the west and east. and snow levels if there is enough moisture around.
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down to 2500 feet. 30s and 40s on the temps. a lot of cloud cover as well. very light rain. this system will split and go parallel to the coast. if it zigs instead of zags we won't get anything. if you're heading up to tahoe it's cold up there. it will be cloudy light know. saturday and sunday. monday looks good. it will be very cloudy in the morning. 40s and 50s on the temps. upper 40s santa rosa and napa. very low 50s for some. looks like more cold and clouds today and tomorrow. few light shower and rain. sunday cold and breezy. apple is not saying if it will fight a chinese court order to pay for copyright infringements. the company sold apps that included work of eight writers and two publishing companies
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without permission. apple will also probably have to pay to use the iphone in l.a. tin america. apple will probably use -- it doesn't want to stopple selling the devices latin america. 6:21. remembering the late great dick clark. the special honor he's receiving at the new years celebration in times square. and locking up love in santa clara county. why romantics are at odds with cal tran over a street bridge.
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depending on your point of view it's a symbol of ever lasting love -- they have hung padlocks. it started with a couple celebrating their 30th anniversary in august i should say. they got the idea of seeing similar landmarks locked up by lovers around the world. there is a sign that says cal tran owns the bridge and will remove the locks on february 1st. some hope to convince cal tran to keep the locks of love up.
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time when people were mourning the horrible sandy hook shooting one woman took advantage setting up a charity scam. 37-year-old noel alba set up an internet scam claiming to be the aunt of little six-year-old noah pozner a victim of the shooting. she advertised on facebook saying a funeral fund was open to donors. all of the money was refunded to the donors. the mother of two teens denies opening the fund and says someone hacked her facebook page. she faces up to five years in jail to lying for federal agents. if president obama and congress are not able to end the fiscal cliff people here will be hard hit. prop 30 voted into law in november will mean higher sales taxes and higher income taxes on the states top earners. the fiscal cliff would add to that. hitting all americans with higher taxes.
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the lowest income folks will see their take home pay shrink just over 3.5%. average earners 4% and top earners 6%. the crystal ball that drops in new york's time square will have a little something extra this year. workers are already installing the 288 crystal panels. one of them is a little different from the rest. it's engraved with the name of dick clark. he hosted the new years eve telecast from time square for 40 years. this year's show will be hosted by ryan sea crest. time now 6:26. let's go to tara. she is covering traffic. there is something going on in marin. >> yeah pretty minor thing. 101 northbound at highway 37 this is in novato. we have a stalled vehicle or someone that spun out. chp has not figured that out yet. right now let's take a live look at down in the south bay. 280 at the 880 split headlight there is are northbound traffic toward santa clara no delays.
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and 680 at the sunol grade near fremont this has been our busiest stretch all morning long. as you can see traffic is flowing pretty nicely there. 6:26 let's head over to steve. >> thank you, tara. >> i didn't know. >> that's okay. we do have cloudy skies. cold out there. a lot of 30s. a lot of 30s out there. cold air will continue to come in tonight. already low 30s or only 40s closer to the bay. or around the coast. this system coming is not that strong. it will give us a lot of cloud cover and very, very light rain. >> thank you very much. holiday dui crack down starts in the bay area. what chp officers are doing own what is being proposed by one lawmakers. oakland police this morning investigating a homicide. a woman found stabbed to death inside an apartment building. why this killing is one of several that investigators are piecing together this morning. also the opening bell is about to ring on wall street.
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sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible.
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opening bell for us this morning. you're locking at the stock market opening and of course we're watching the fiscal cliff this morning as everyone heads back to capitol hill. everyone looking for consensus. >> that being said. good morning. thank you for joining us. it's december 28th i'm brian flores. >> i'm claudine wong. pam and dave are off today. your time is 6:30. oakland homicide rate for the year is up to 130 after a violent night. three people were killed in two separate incidents pap double shotting and -- two separate incidents. a double shooting and a
6:32 am
stabbing. >> reporter: a man with cuts to his hands has been taken into custody. police are also trying to cuttrack down a second man for questioning. the man that may have been here when the killing took place. investigators still out here on scene. we're in the 5800 block of walnut street. up here is where officers found a man excuse me a woman stabbed to death inside a unit up on the second floor. police showed up here around 2:30 this morning when neighbors called 911. officers came here and found this woman with multiple stab wounds. she was dead here on scene. sergeant told me police did take that man into custody. he will be questioned by investigators. at this point a sergeant told me a motive for this killing is unclear. meantime on the other side of the city oakland police are investigating a deadly shooting. two people were killed when gunfire broke out on at 800 block of immediate avenue. you can see several shootings.
6:33 am
what we do with these three killings they found 30 homicides. oakland is bringing in outside help to try to lower the crime rate. they agreed to have a court appointed director. victim of a hit and run crash says he has firsthand knowledge of the crime crisis
6:34 am
effecting oakland. he's been stranded on 83rd street since 7:00 last night. the man drove more than 50- miles to visit his father in oakland. when he got here a truck slammed into his parked car breaking his axel. the hit and run driver ran from the scene. he has spent the entire night asking the oakland police for help. >> they said they had no eta, no officers available. highway patrol officer came said it's not his location. he left me here abandoned on his street which is not a good neighborhood. >> both the fire department and aaa told him they could not help because it is a crime scene. oakland police confirm they did not send anyone to the crash scene because they did not have enough officers. the man says he can't get home and worried about his kids. annual holiday dui crack down is starting in the bay area. one lay maker -- one lawmaker has a plan to cut down on drunk
6:35 am
drivers. >> reporter: santa clara county sheriffs deputies will be holding a dui check point here along stevens creek later tonight. we've actually run into a couple people who say they have had dui's and we asked them their opinion about what they think about a new law being introduced today. state senator jerry hill will introduce a bill this morning that would require drunk drivers to install blood alcohol leveling testing equipments in their car after their second dui conviction. it prevents the engine from starting if it exceeds a preset limit. this woman had one dui and says she supports it. >> consequences are horrible. you have to take all these alcohol classes. you have to do community service. i had to take a quarter off of of school just to do all this stuff. it prolonged my graduation which sucked. >> reporter: the california highway patrol is already out
6:36 am
checking for people celebrating the new years holiday a little too much. and fremont police operated a dui check point last night and early this morning. research shows crashes involving alcohol dropped by 20% when check points are well publicized and conducted often. dui accounts for nearly one- third of traffic fatalities. back out here live on stevens creek the dui check point being operated out here tonight will run through 3:00 a.m. saturday morning. reporting live from cupertino janine de la vega. large crowds will be ringing in the new year in san francisco and bay area transit agencies are preparing for the big numbers. coming up at 6:45 the free raids you can look forward to. san francisco muni riders won't have to pay a cent to get a ride today. the agency is offering free rides to celebrate its 100th year in service. muni did initially plan to
6:37 am
charge five cents the price which riders paid a century ago. officials later decided against that. 6:35 now. let's two to tara. she is filling in for sal. how is it looking? >> it is looking good. i know i've been saying that all morning. it's true. i don't have a single incident to report on the chp website. that is great news. so head outside if you need to get somewhere. do it now before any traffic hits the roadway. let's see right now -- where we don't have any back up at this hour.
6:38 am
a lot of 30s showing up unless you are near the bay. our system coming in will spread in clouds. there is also very thick fog. especially north and east. pockets of fog. be careful of that. it will be turning mostly cloudy. clouds increase throughout the day. any rain develops it will be light. every system that seems to visit so far this year seems to bring rain. a lot of 30s or right at 40 degrees. it's darn cold out there. and one degree. one degree up in tahoe. 37 ukiah. 34 in sacramento. by the way, lake shasta has come up 38 feet since november. a lot of cloud cover. some of that rain starting to
6:39 am
go right about where it looks like it will stay. that's right along the coast. light, light snow up in tahoe which is cold up there. it will be cloudy friday, saturday, and sunday. 49 santa rosa and napa today. very chilly. thick fog. clouds increasing today. light rain possible. cold as we go into sunday. could be a few little showers. okay on tuesday. american families will no longer be allowed to adopt russian children. this morning russian's president signed a bill to stop children in russian orphanages from leaving the u.s.. unicef estimate there is are three quarters of a million russian children in the notecase i half their parents. u.s. citizens have adopted more than 60,000 russian children in the last 20 years. time now 6:38.
6:40 am
retired general norman schwarzkopf is being reminded as a straight talking commander. >> you are better trained. you are better equipped. you are better led. believe it or not despite of mre's you are better fed. okay. but most of all, you're a hell of a lot tougher than they are. >> the 78-year-old general died yesterday from complications of pneumonia. former secretary of state collin powell released a statement following the word of schwarzkopf's death. his leadership not only inspired his troops but the nation. he was a good friend of mine close buddy and i will miss him. former president george h.w. bush called him in a statement a true american patriot. the 88-year-old former president remains in intensive care in a houston hospital
6:41 am
being treated for a fever. a long-time aid of the former president says he's unlikely to leave the hospital any time soon but will tell well wishers to put the harps back in the closet. l.a.'s most recent gun buy back is being to thedded a a huge success. chp and oakland police are investigating a deadly hit and run accident. we'll tell you how that accident could also impact your morning commute. look at the east shore freeway shows a lot of folks out there on the roadways. so far we don't have too many backups. we'll have more traffic next.
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good morning it's cold out there. a lot of 30s. vacaville, fairfield 31. clouds will be increasing. could be very light rain. mainly cloudy and cool today. >> here's a quick look at the top stories we're following right now. oakland police are investigating three homicides this morning. two people were shot and killed in west oakland around 1:00 a.m.. around 2:30 a.m. a woman was stabbed to death. president obama summoned congressional lead leaders to the white house for a last ditch effort to stop the economy from going over the fiscal cliff.
6:45 am
the highway patrol and local law enforcement agencies will be cracking down on drunk drivers this holiday weekend. there will if more patrols and extra dui check points all over the bay area. a vehicle trying to elude the chp broadsided a car full of people. christien kafton is live at golf links road. christien. >> reporter: this accident happened around 11:20 last night. you can still see that accident investigators are still here on the scene. about an hour or so ago they were driving over this hill trying to recreate the view the driver of that silver bmw may have seen moments before this accident. there was also a black lincoln that was involved in this accident. and investigators are telling us that bmw you saw a moment ago was actually trying to run away from the cops. california highway patrol tells us this all started as a regular or routine traffic stop. the driver of that bmw had been
6:46 am
spotted speeding. the chp had the car pulled over at 90th avenue and bancroft. officers were approaching that when the driver pulled a quick u-turn and took off. they got into their patrol car. the officers lost site of that bmw momentarily and came over the hill here at 98th avenue and golf links road and came upon this deadly crash. that bmw is a high performance vehicle -- no idea how fast they were traveling at the time of the accident. investigators say the bmw t- boned the vehicle. injuring two people inside. >> they eventually caught up to the vehicle on 98th avenue near golf links at which point they saw the bmw is had collided into a black lincoln. the driver of the bmw jumped out of the car and began running along with his passenger. >> reporter: chp say they caught up with that driver and
6:47 am
could make a good id on him because they had pulled over that vehicle earlier. no signs of the passenger in that bmw and no idea why they ran away. coming back to the live shot take a look here you can see this is the intersection of golf links and 98th. you can see this road is still shut down. we have sign a great deal of vehicle turned away from this area here. as we look up the road you can see this is the eastbound 580 onramp on from 98th avenue is closed down at this time. if you are taking that direction you may have to find a different way of getting on to 580 eastbound. no idea on exactly when this scene will be cleared. this accident happened at 11:20 last night. e coroner has not arrived here on scene. certainly the investigation and the cleanup following this deadly accident still under way and should have this road closed down for at least another couple hours. for now we are live here in oakland christien kafton ktvu
6:48 am
channel 2 news. time now 6:46. mayor of los angeles calls the city's most recent gun buy back a huge success. police showed off all the weapons they collected this week. all together 2,000 firearms were turned in exchange for gift cards. that includes 75 assault weapons and two rocket launchers. although there was a great turnout, mayor antonio says there still needs to be more done to curb gun violence. he is calling for a national ban on assault weapons and foreclosing loopholes in california's assault weapons law. some bay area gun stores say they have seen an increase in sales after the school shooting in connecticut. the press democrat reports store owners have been selling out of assault rifles and other guns. one store own owner fears the guns will be banned after president obama's plan. new york police are searching for the person who killed a man by pushing him on to subway tracks in front of an on coming train. here is new surveillance video
6:49 am
of the woman police believe no be responsible. it happened last night when the man was shoved in front of a northbound train in sunny side queens. witnesses say she fled the station after the incident. the man die add the scene. he has not yet been identified. bart will add extra trains for new years eve night and new years eve morning to deter drinking and driving. they additional trains will go in and out of san francisco own new years eve. extra service will aim to alleviate crowds. and muni will join bart to help shuttle extra people around for new years celebrations and add to the fun muni is offering free travel from 8:00 p.m. new years eve to 6:00 a.m. new years day. that includes cable cars. they will also add extra metro service in the city for new years eve night. >> a lot of ways to get around safely. let's go out to tara.
6:50 am
even though the roadways have been looking good all morning, that is good news. people like to hear that. >> yes very well commute. we to have some fog out there in the pittsburgh area if we take a look at highway 4 you can see the fog in the hills there it looks like it's starting to lift. westbound traffic or the headlights you see there heading toward interstate 680. 101 through san francisco no fog. headlights in the middle there are drivers taking the off ramp and to the left are people going downtown or on to the bay bridge where we haven't seen any backup this morning. finally san mateo bridge traffic on the right westbound toward foster city and on the opposite side toward hayward. 6:49 let's check no with steve. sunrise it's cold out there. if you're under the covers you don't have tommy. there is a fine line on where the cloud cover is. as you saw that fog out toward the east bay and also a little bit in the north bay as well some of that visibility is
6:51 am
awful. weak system here. it will give us increasing clouds. really there is not a lot of rain with this is. there will be some rain. pockets of fog out there. chilly to cold out there. system comes in. increasing clouds throughout the day. we'll say some rain. light rain. mainly north and along the coast and bay. very, very fine line here. there is not a lot of rain with this system. it has more cold air. 30s on the temps. locally around here fairfield 31. it's eight below up in mammoth. it's one degree in tahoe. they were two below. 37 ukiah. there is cold air all over the place. you can see the line where there is cloud cover and mostly clear. that is where the fog has been forming. some of that rain painting itself along the sonoma coast. it looks like it's increasing in the last hour. clouds will continue to increase. we'll see very light rain. and chilly temps. upper 40s. very, very low 50s. we'll be below average here for
6:52 am
awhile be cold tomorrow. if there is any moisture snow around 2500 feet maybe. cold and breezy on sunday. monday is a weak system. tuesday looks all right. two separate police shootings in one day in contra costa county. the new information regarding the latest shooting and why officers say they had no choice but to pull out their guns. san jose state amazing football season has come to an end. with a bowl win. the key play that secured the victory.
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no really big surprise as you take a look at the big board. it's down. guess what people not happy about no resolution over the fiscal cliff. deadline as it's fast approaching. there is a meeting in the dead line today. hopefully they will make progress. the contra costa county district attorneys office is investigating two separate police shootings. it happened last night at a gas station near interstate 80. officers were called to a chevron around 6:40 last night. they saw a man pistol whip a woman. two officers opened fire. the suspect was taken to the hospital where he is in critical condition this morning. no one else was hurt. meanwhile we are learning more about the walnut creek police shooting we first reported at this time yesterday. two officers responded to a 911 call from a an apartment on
6:56 am
creek side drive. the dispatcher heard screaming in the background. more than 14,000 dock workers on the east coast and gulf of mexico are threatening to go on strike on sunday. they handle 40% of the country's cargo traffic. economic experts say a shut down even for a few days could cost the u.s. economy billions of dollars. union labor leaders are celebrating a legal victory this morning. the california supreme court ruled union members to have the right to picket on privately owned walkways outside of roadway tail stores. it stems from a dispute over a food store in 2007. rose pa raid preparations are in full swing as the clock ticks down to the new years day.
6:57 am
later today they almost start covering the structures in all kinds of plant materials. the more dell bat leaves flowers and pedals will be applied on wednesday and early tuesday morning. san jose state football team has finished its best season since 1940 with a win in the military bowl. can you guess how it ended with that reaction? fans crowded in in downtown san jose to cheer on the spartans against bowling green. it was a close game. san jose state sealed the victory by forcing a late turnover. there it comes. wait for it. wait for it. there it is. that led to to this touchdown and their 29-20 win. their team finished their season without head coach mike mcen tire. >> coach mcintire was a reason
6:58 am
the guys turned the pram around. but at the end of the day it's the players that play the game and they know what it's like to win now. >> feels good to win. san jose state is ranked 24th. it's their first time in the national rankings since 1975. the kraft hunger bowl is tomorrow. today will be a pep rally with navy and arizona state. it is set to start at 11:00 this morning. coaches and players will be there to speak about tomorrow's game and bands from both schools are going to perform. >> excited about that. 6:57. let's get a quick look at traffic with tara. anything going on? >> not much. that is good news for those that need to head out the door right now. if we take a look outside. live near 28o0 you can see traffic on the northbound looking good. and at the golden gate bridge it is smooth sailing into san francisco at this hour. no delays to report. here is steve. >> thank you. cloudy skies. there are still areas that are clear. patchy fog out there and cold.
6:59 am
cold. lots of 30s and temperatures will stay really cool. weak little system coming in. it could produce very light rain. highs today upper 40s. low 50s. we'll have more mornings on 2. coming up a very violent friday morning and a very violent year for the city of oakland. three people dead in two separate homicide cases. also gunfire in a bart parking lot. new information on the victim and the search for suspect.

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